Microgrid & Islanding Storage Applications

Mission Critical: Resilient to Grid Instability


Microgrid – storage enables energy to be generated and stored for use on demand. CODA_Microgrid_LoadProfile

Recent severe weather events underscore the importance of grid reliability – especially to hospitals, mobile relief centers, law enforcement buildings, military bases and other critical infrastructure. On any given day, these facilities require a consistent supply of reliable, high-quality power – and many are divorcing themselves from grid instability by operating as a microgrid.

CODA’s energy storage system offers microgrids security of supply, instant emergency backup power, and the ability to comply with regulatory requirements for energy generation. Our redundant, fail-safe architecture helps keep microgrids running even on cloudy, windless days. And it provides centralized control over power quality and reliability with one interface for the power-source controller managing all of your modular storage towers, even those in remote locations.



CODA’s scalable, flexible, reliable, safe and redundant solutions enable microgrid customers to realize grid independence and resiliency in remote or critical locations using locally generated and stored energy.

Cost-Saving Benefits
  • Energy supply security and reliability
  • Peak shaving
  • Demand management
Revenue-Generating Benefits:
  • Frequency regulation
  • Utility demand response
Benefits of Facility Enhancements and Grid Independence:
  • Islanding and grid independence
  • Renewable integration and optimization


Location CODA Energy System Project Partner Benefits
US Military, New York 120kW/160kWh CODA Core ESS Military Base
  • Renewable Microgrid
  • Security of Energy Supply
CODA Energy Towers