Large Residential

Large Residential Building Storage Solutions

A Lower-Cost Response to Your Power Needs


Large Residential – storage mitigates the cost of hard to manage demand spikes. CODA_Residential_LoadProfile

In response to increasing energy prices, many large residential buildings are seeking alternative, dependable and cost-effective energy solutions – including increasingly affordable and reliable renewable energy technologies (like solar PV or Fuel Cells). With a focus on decreasing costs and increasing energy efficiency, standards such as LEEDs, Energy STAR and NetZero play a role in helping you meet your financial goals.

CODA’s Energy Storage Systems (ESS) plays a critical role in these solutions. It optimizes investments in distributed and co-generated energy sources, reduces peak-demand usage and charges, helps you meet your sustainability goals, and provides instant backup power in the event of an outage — at a lower cost than most utilities can offer.



CODA’s scalable, flexible, reliable and safe solutions are "plug and play" to install, enabling residential building owners to more quickly realize financial returns and minimize the impacts of grid instability. Our ESS delivers the greatest cost savings in regions where peak rates are above $14 and the security of supply is essential to maintain basic or mission critical business operations. Your building gets a nice return while the residents get higher reliability with renewable power.

Cost-Saving Benefits
  • Load shifting
  • Peak shaving/demand management
  • Time of Use Energy Shifting
  • Demand response
Revenue-Generating Benefits:
  • Frequency regulation
  • Energy arbitrage
Benefits of Enhanced Facility Operations:
  • Renewable integration (PV, etc.)
  • Instant-on emergency back-up power
  • Security of energy supply


Location CODA Energy System Project Partner Benefits
San Diego, California 30kW/80kWh CODA Core UDP Tower Private Commercial Apartment Complex
  • Peak Shaving
  • Security of Energy Supply