Flexibility Forms CODA’s Core

CODA’s Energy Storage System (ESS) combines modern batteries into modular towers which form our energy storage building blocks – offering proven flexibility to incrementally scale in power and energy capacity, integrate with your existing infrastructure, and work across battery technologies to meet your individual business needs.

Optimized for generation, distribution and behind-the-meter system applications, our CODA Core™ is based on a combination of unique software and hardware technologies that provide best-in-class energy storage and management solutions at prices that meet your ROI requirements.

At our core, we offer:

  • Scalable power and energy capacity: Our modular tower building blocks scale in 10kW increments to form standard Towers of 40 kilowatts (kW), our building block technology that is infinitely scalable – for nearly any application.
  • Proven battery management (BMS) and thermal management systems (TMS): Each tower is managed by a BMS and TMS, and our container ESS uses a sophisticated power-source controller — linking independent systems through one interface for synchronized grid performance. Our flexible BMS also accommodates different physical battery-cell technologies.
  • Safe, reliable batteries: While we can configure a CODA Core™ with many battery technologies, our standard go-to choice for safe, reliable, resilient, and efficient performance is Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery technology. We feel that LFP provides the highest degree of safety with the best balance of cost and service life.
  • Unparalleled experience in energy management: With our own BMS and TMS, we know how to safely and efficiently manage power levels, energy levels, inverter and host interfaces, and dozens of battery technologies.

Scalable Products Maximize Customer Benefit

The foundational CODA Core architecture combines lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) batteries in modular 10kWh stages, stacked into a CODA Core™ UDP Tower up to the desired capacity -- with a BMS and TMS managing the entire system to maximize efficiency. Our containerized ESS system is comprised of a distributed series of CODA Core™ UDP Towers and inverter pairs up to 10MWs.  For our largest customers, we can combine containers to meet storage needs exceeding 10 megawatts.

Our scalable, modular system optimizes customer benefit:

  • Increased resiliency for less maintenance and improved uptime: Coupling distributed inverters with each of our towers increases the resiliency of the system for larger scale energy storage. This redundant tower and inverter design removes the possibility of single points of failure and expensive replacements.
  • Redundant supply: Distributed inverters provide redundancy, lower inventory costs, and multiple supplier options.
  • More data for improved performance: The redundant tower-inverter design also provides additional data-gathering points for analytics that can improve system performance.
  • Balanced battery life: Our single interface to our multi-tower power controller optimizes charge/discharge cycles to balance battery cell cycle life across all towers.
  • One point of control for synchronized grid performance: There’s just one interface for the power-source controller – managing all of your modular storage towers, even those in remote locations.
  • Maximum energy production: With distributed inverters, our technology maximizes energy production of solar PV – even with partial cloud cover.
  • Cost-effective integration with existing infrastructure: Our modular design also integrates with existing infrastructure and any battery technology, minimizing implementation costs.

Validated Safe & Reliable Performance

Safe, reliable operation is a top priority for CODA – and it’s built into our DNA. With successful implementations and rigorous testing of our batteries, energy management system (EMS) and thermal management systems (TMS), our approach to product testing and ongoing system reliability tops the market:
  • In-house testing: We have analyzed more than 100 storage technologies and “real-world” tested batteries and management systems for small- and large-scale applications – since 2001.
  • Stringent road tests: Our system – including our BMS, TMS and LFP batteries -- has undergone 2 million miles of stringent electric vehicle (EV) road tests and energy storage testing in multiple installed commercial CODA energy storage systems.
  • Rigorous testing at all levels: Each CODA ESS is subjected to testing at the cell, building block and system level, and meets strict consumer regulatory and industry safety requirements.
  • Highly stable Lithium-Iron Phosphate batteries: At CODA’s Core™, our go-to battery chemistry tops the Lithium-Ion category in terms of temperature tolerance, response time, safety and efficiency -- offering a long life of safe, reliable performance.
  • Reliable design based on redundant subsystems and independently managed towers: CODA’s towers operate in concert but are managed independently for continuous operation, even during maintenance.
  • Building blocks comprised of replaceable components for ease of maintenance and less downtime: CODA accommodates different cell technologies and hybrid systems, different cell manufacturers, and a flexible BMS that can incorporate varying physical cell technologies.

Industry Standards:

  Don’t just take our word for it, we are certified to be safe and reliable. We comply with all common, industry-accepted mechanical, electrical, communication and software standards: ANSI, IEEE, NEMA, NEC, CSA and UL.


We stand behind our ESS. We offer a two-year warranty, including an installation maintenance and service plan, with the option to upgrade to a 10-year system warranty.