California Financing Program

REDUCE YOUR COMMERCIAL FACILITY’S ELECTRIC BILLS WITH                                                                  NO UPFRONT COST.


The CODA Core™ energy storage system makes it easy to save money on your business’s electric bills at no upfront cost*. Our UL Listed storage systems save California businesses up to 20-50%* on their electric bills and are optimized for facilities with utility bills greater than $2,500 per month and a monthly peak demand of 50kW or higher.

No upfront cost systems mean that CODA Energy covers all hardware/software, project management, and installation costs using funding from the California Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP). During the first 12 months of operation you keep 100% of the savings and starting in year two you pay CODA Energy a share of the savings generated by the CODA Core™ energy storage system.

With our shared savings model your monthly payments depend on the amount of peak demand we save on your commercial electric bill.


EnergyDemand_ChartCommercial bills are made up of energy charges and demand charges. Energy charges reflect how much total energy your business consumes. Demand charges reflect your peak power usage. And while your facility’s power needs spike in an instant, the demand charges created last an entire billing cycle, representing up to 60% of your bill. Reducing peak demand reduces your bill.Like an energy savings account, the CODA Core™ automatically “saves” energy off-peak when it’s cheap and plentiful, and “spends” it on-peak when it’s expensive and in demand, minimizing high-cost demand peaks and saving you money.


*Eligibility and actual savings depend on applicable laws, tariffs and incentives, and your usage profile. The no upfront cost offer is subject to availability and requirements of Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) incentives, CODA Energy storage systems are available to qualified California businesses with no up-front cost, and includes hardware, installation, permits, interconnection agreements, maintenance, warranty, support, and monitoring. To qualify for the SGIP Program, your California business must have a commercial utility account with PG&E, SoCal Edison, SoCalGas / The Gas Company, or SDG& E and a peak demand of 50kW or more. To learn more about how CODA Energy can save you money and qualify your facility, please fill out a brief  quote form and a CODA Energy representative will contact you! Residential customers are not eligible for this program.  SGIP reservation applications are non-binding and may be canceled at any time.