CODA Energy to Help Curb Utility Expenses with Princeton Power Systems Inverters

For Commercial Building Energy Management Program in Northeast and Californian Markets

Princeton, NJ February 13, 2014 — CODA Energy Holdings has selected Princeton Power Systems, Inc., a global leader in design and manufacturing of technology products and embedded software for energy management and micro-grid operations, to supply power inverters along with its energy storage product to help curb utility expenses for commercial office buildings in six major market areas.

CODA Energy is addressing ever-increasing demand charges for commercial buildings in markets in the Northeast and California, including New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, through energy storage. By using Princeton Power Systems’ GTIB-30 and GTIB-100 power inverters, commercial buildings can locally store energy to help offset peak demand through improved energy management and significantly lower their monthly utility bills.

Energy storage is a capital-based opportunity and using the right mix of energy management systems can even become a revenue generator. “Recent breakthroughs in system design, technology and cell chemistry have driven shorter returns-on-investment and greater rates-of-return,” says Ken McCauley, Princeton Power Systems President and CEO. Peter Nortman, COO/CTO at CODA Energy, adds, “With our UL1973 Certified 40kWh product, installation has become a turnkey event, similar to installing an industrial appliance.”

In additional to the obvious economic advantage, the companies’ USA-manufactured energy storage systems and products provide the benefit of improved operational performance by minimizing or avoiding grid brownouts or blackouts.

About Princeton Power Systems

Based in New Jersey, Princeton Power Systems is a leading global designer and manufacturer of technology products and embedded software for energy management, micro-grid operations, and electric vehicle charging. Princeton Power Systems manufactures UL and CE certified power electronics for advanced battery operation and alternative energy, with built-in smart functions for grid services including peak shaving and frequency regulation. Princeton Power Systems also integrates full systems including multiple generation sources, batteries, and other technologies, and designs, commissions, and operates micro-grids. In applications integrating generators, drastic reductions in fuel consumption has been demonstrated.  Princeton Power Systems is proud to manufacture products in the USA that are in use across North America, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean with current projects soon expanding our presence to Africa.  More information about Princeton Power is available at

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About CODA Energy

CODA Energy designs and builds scalable energy storage solutions that support a smarter, cleaner, and more reliable grid.  The CODA Core™ combines advanced lithium-ion cells with a proven battery management system and optional temperature management unit.  CODA’s integrated operating system is tailored for the application-specific needs of an end user.  CODA Energy’s storage systems scale seamlessly from kilowatts to megawatts and are optimized for generation, distribution and behind-the-meter applications for commercial & industrial end users. More information about CODA Energy is available at