CODA Energy Selects Marc Roper as First Chief Commercial Officer

Intelligent energy storage company to galvanize growth in 2016 with newly appointed clean tech executive

MONROVIA (October 14, 2015) – Today, CODA Energy announced the appointment of Marc Roper as the company’s first Chief Commercial Officer to support the company’s growth as it works to meet increasing demand for intelligent energy storage solutions. Equipped with more than 20 years of experience in the development of clean energy markets, Roper joins CODA Energy to lead CODA’s revenue-generating activities for 2016 and beyond. He will be responsible for managing sales, marketing, regulatory affairs and business development in addition to contributing to the development of the company’s overall market strategy.

“CODA Energy is elated to welcome Marc to its leadership team,” said Paul Detering, CEO of CODA Energy. “Marc’s unique experience in the clean tech space and strong track record in managing and growing market share for new energy technologies combined with his success in scaling sales organizations, will undoubtedly enhance and strengthen CODA’s leadership in the energy storage sector. Additionally, at a time when energy storage, clean tech and government policy are so intrinsically intertwined, Marc’s unique mix of both governmental and private sector experience provide us with a powerful tool to advocate for our customers and our industry.”

A seasoned industry figure, Roper brings extensive experience in developing emerging, distributed, renewable energy markets in the United States. Roper began his career in the government sector as a Renewable Energy Programs Manager at the Colorado Governor’s Energy Office. Prior to his current position at CODA, Marc served as Executive Vice President for solar power purchase agreement provider (PPA) Tioga Energy. At Tioga Energy, he led sales, marketing and project financing activities for the company and successfully developed more than 100 solar PPA projects around the United States. Marc’s previous experience includes being CEO of solar developer Sovereign Modular and as Vice President of Sales and Marketing at SCHOTT Solar.

“With the increasing use of renewable resources like wind and solar, growing demand on aging utility distribution systems, and the trend toward a greater customer role in maintaining the health and reliability of the electric utility grid, it’s an exciting time to be in the energy storage space,” said Marc Roper, CCO of CODA Energy. “At CODA we are dedicated to helping our customers control their energy consumption and costs in the face of this changing landscape while contributing to a more sustainable future. 2015 was an incredible year for CODA and I am eager to continue to build on this momentum as we elevate our strategy for 2016 and offer our customers more innovative solutions and high quality customer service.”

As policies like the Clean Power Plan and California’s landmark 50 percent renewable energy goal by 2030 come to pass, the energy storage sector is poised to contribute to efforts to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. CODA’s current focus is on deploying distributed small-scale energy storage systems at commercial and industrial customer sites throughout California for peak shaving and demand management. These behind-the-meter distributed systems contribute to California’s energy storage goals.

About CODA Energy
Headquartered in Monrovia, CA, CODA Energy designs and builds scalable, UL listed commercial and industrial energy storage solutions to support a smarter, cleaner, and more reliable grid. The presently available CODA Core™ product combines advanced lithium-ion cells with proven battery and temperature management systems and an integrated operating system designed to meet growing energy needs – including peak shaving, demand response and ancillary services. CODA Energy’s products reduce electricity costs, control energy consumption and manage energy risk, optimizing commercial and industrial energy operations for scalability, extensibility, safety, reliability and security; ultimately contributing to a more economically and energy resilient world.

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