The Responsibility Energy Storage Companies Have to Help California Meet 50% Renewable Energy by 2030

The leaders of the world are gathering in Paris this week to determine how to mitigate global climate change at the COP21 Forum. Forum participants include governments, intergovernmental organizations, UN agencies, NGOs and industries all focused on creating legally binding reductions in greenhouse gases across the globe. The U.S. has been and remains at the forefront of establishing aggressive mandates to curb greenhouse gases and California is leading the charge. read more

Distributed energy storage helps with the California drought

It’s been several months since California Governor Jerry Brown announced his historic legislation requiring residents, businesses and cities to cut water use by 25%, and the media and business community is still buzzing about the ramifications.

CODA Energy is heavily focused on the California market, and being based in Los Angeles County, we are personally affected by the drought and the policies surrounding it. read more

The Importance of Energy Storage Safety

Safety and standardization are common topics for the energy storage industry as storage technologies obtain wider adoption. CODA Energy has always been at the forefront of safety and standardization, having been the first energy storage company to obtain UL Listing for all of our hardware and software. In July at Intersolar 2015 in San Francisco, the solar and storage industry’s brightest minds and biggest thinkers came together to discuss photovoltaics, PV production technologies, energy storage systems and solar thermal technologies. read more

Collaborating with California’s Legislative Leaders in Energy

California has long been a symbol of innovation and perseverance and a leader when it comes to sustainability and intelligent energy solutions. In an effort to collaborate with California’s legislative leaders, CODA Energy invited California Congresswoman Grace Napolitano to visit our headquarters in Monrovia, CA. With the Congresswoman’s election to the 32nd District in 2013, she is actively visits her constituents to learn about companies and technologies that are growing across the district. As part of her district, the City of Monrovia is a burgeoning hub of technology from biotechnology to clean energy and incubating start-ups in addition to its rich history as a home to an existing environment of aerospace. read more

CODA Energy Wins Project of the Year Award by Environmental Leader for Energy Storage at Benicia City Hall Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

It’s been nearly a year since CODA Energy and Growing Energy Labs, Inc (Geli) cut the ribbon on the first grid-tied, solar-integrated EV fast charging station optimized by energy storage at Benicia City Hall in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Electric vehicle   (EV) adoption has gained so much momentum since then, putting California on track to achieve its goal of 1.5 million zero- emission vehicles in use by 2025, as laid out in Governor Brown’s ZEV Action Plan.

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Two Words that Sum Up Why Commercial is Core to CODA Energy: DEMAND CHARGES

When the topic of storing energy from solar panels comes up in our conversations, we’ve noticed many people automatically think of the residential market. But in truth, despite the often noted dropping costs in PV and battery technologies, keeping up with the Joneses when it comes to having a state-of-the-art eco-abode is not economically viable. At least for most of us.  At least not yet.  Storage is, however, economically viable for commercial and industrial customers thanks to a little thing called demand charges.
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On the Road with CODA Energy – A Month of Conferences

Here at the CODA Energy HQ, we are finally able to breathe after a whirlwind October of back to back conferences and speaking engagements. In addition to meeting some very interesting minds in the energy storage space, our team connected with leaders in other market segments who are excited to see how energy storage and other technology innovations are helping improve their day-to-day work, and business operations.
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Closing the energy gap with resilient power projects

Being in business of energy storage, we’re deeply vested in the future of resilient power—and so were drawn to the title of the webinar put on last week by Clean Energy Group (CEG), an organization working to democratize reliable power and accelerate the market uptake of renewables at the state and municipal level. We were excited to hear a perspective on what it will take to change the outdated energy infrastructure for the nation as whole. read more

Energy Storage Meets Rock ‘n Roll

CODA Energy is excited to announce the unveiling of a 40.30 CODA Core™ energy storage system at the legendary Sunset Marquis Luxury Hotel in West Hollywood, California. Known as both a local institution and innovative business, the Sunset Marquis sees energy storage as a foundational key to managing their electricity costs and reaching their long term energy resilience and efficiency goals. read more