Revenue Generation


From demand response to ancillary services, our storage system maximizes your return in revenue-generating scenarios. Here’s how:

Revenue-Generating Storage Applications Suited for The Following
ANCILLARY SERVICESWe can configure and optimize an energy storage system to your Independent System Operator’s specifications and maximize revenue in the ancillary services markets.

customer-benefits_revenue-gen_freq-reg-imageFREQUENCY REGULATION
Our energy storage systems respond to grid signals in milliseconds (instead of minutes), helping to maintain the safe, reliable, and secure transmission of power
CODAEnergy_Emergency Power_chartVOLTAGE REGULATIONCODA’s ESS enables voltage regulation through VAR compensation, providing active and reactive power that help maintain grid stability.
CAPACITY PAYMENTSStorage systems have the potential to improve payments to renewable or fossil fuel generators bidding into capacity markets due to the added control and reliability that storage provides.