Facilities Optimization


Whether you’re a large industrial facility or military base operating as a microgrid, CODA’s storage solutions provide you with peace of mind and independence from grid instability.

Applications to Enhance Facility Operations Suited for The Following
INSTANT EMERGENCY BACKUP CODA’s ESS can provide instant backup power in the event of an outage and keep your facility up and running.
customer-benefits_facilities-opt_ramp-rate-control-imageRAMP RATE CONTROL CODA’s ESS can help smooth renewable generation to compensate for variability in wind and solar output — providing ramp rate control that’s now mandated in some areas.
RENEWABLE INTEGRATION Storage helps integrate intermittent renewable energy and distributed generation into the grid – maximizing your return on investment. With CODA’s ESS, you can store energy when production would otherwise be curtailed and sell power to the grid when demand picks up — all while reducing the size of inverters and other grid management equipment.
CODAEnergy_Emergency Power_chartISLAND / GRID INDEPENDENCE 80 to 90 percent of all grid failures begin at the distribution level. CODA’s ESS can protect your “mission critical” facility from grid failure in addition to reducing electricity costs, lowering emissions, bolstering security and providing other benefits.