Cost Savings


CODA’s ESS delivers cost-saving benefits that are custom-tailored to your unique application — whether it’s managing demand or deferring infrastructure investments. Here’s how:

Cost-Saving Applications Suited for the Following
CODA_CostSaving_Demand ManagementDemand Management With an ESS, you can store power during off-peak times and discharge it during peak periods to help shave major spikes in your facility’s load – reducing demand on the utility. This can help you reduce or avoid costly kilowatt-hour demand charges imposed by local utilities.
CODA_Cost Savings_LoadShiftLoad Shifting Like an energy savings account, storage enables you to bottle energy when it’s cheap and off-peak, and then “spend” that energy when its most expensive.
CODAEnergy_Emergency Power_chartSecurity of Supply/Emergency Backup Locally stored energy is available faster than the grid can fail and can mitigate outages, keeping your critical infrastructure and systems up and running at a lower cost than electricity from a generator or even your local utility.
Defer Infrastructure Investments Storage can help you avoid even costlier infrastructure upgrades – which may be imposed be local utilities to accommodate your facility’s growing load or the installation of solar PV. By helping you shift load, shave peak and manage your demand, utility-infrastructure upgrades may be smaller or be not needed at all, while a CODA ESS can provide additional benefits over time.