Collaborating with California’s Legislative Leaders in Energy

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California has long been a symbol of innovation and perseverance and a leader when it comes to sustainability and intelligent energy solutions. In an effort to collaborate with California’s legislative leaders, CODA Energy invited California Congresswoman Grace Napolitano to visit our headquarters in Monrovia, CA. With the Congresswoman’s election to the 32nd District in 2013, she is actively visits her constituents to learn about companies and technologies that are growing across the district. As part of her district, the City of Monrovia is a burgeoning hub of technology from biotechnology to clean energy and incubating start-ups in addition to its rich history as a home to an existing environment of aerospace.

One of the issues close to Congresswoman Napolitano’s heart is energy. Her leadership in water conservation and energy policies and committees reinforce her belief that clean, reliable and inexpensive energy is essential for strong economic growth and CODA couldn’t agree more. We were honored that she took time to meet with our team, tour the facility and discuss the importance of energy storage in helping small businesses and the grid use energy resources more effectively. With California facing water scarcity and energy playing a large role in water sourcing, she discussed how energy technology can play a role in securing our water future. She took the time to understand our business and shared this on her site:

“CODA Energy is a leading provider of scalable energy storage systems that support a smarter, cleaner and more reliable grid. Its storage and battery management systems help commercial and industrial facilities reduce costs, control consumption, and manage risk associated with energy use.”

As a team we were inspired to learn more about Congresswoman Napolitano’s commitment to her constituents by seeking out ways to improve job opportunities, energy conservation and the success of California businesses small and large. She expressed that local manufacturing ensures jobs for California residents and strengthens American competitiveness abroad. We were honored to inform her about how CODA Energy is creating jobs by being a California Manufacturer and providing a certified installer program.

Congresswoman Napolitano had this to say about her visit:

“The smarter, cleaner energy storage systems made at CODA Energy are saving businesses money and moving us toward a sustainable energy future. We will continue to work with all local businesses to meet the needs of our changing economy, and we look forward to helping CODA take their businesses abroad at our annual exports seminar in October.”

Now with Obama’s Clean Power Plan set in motion, CODA Energy looks forward to working with leaders like Congresswoman Napolitano to help the great state of California meet and surpass its aggressive energy efficiency mandates and continue to raise the bar for the rest of our country.