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The Importance of Energy Storage Safety

Safety and standardization are common topics for the energy storage industry as storage technologies obtain wider adoption. CODA Energy has always been at the forefront of safety and standardization, having been the first energy storage company to obtain UL Listing for all of our hardware and software. In July at Intersolar 2015 in San Francisco, the solar and storage industry’s brightest minds and biggest thinkers came together to discuss photovoltaics, PV production technologies, energy storage systems and solar thermal technologies. read more

Energy Storage Meets Rock ‘n Roll

CODA Energy is excited to announce the unveiling of a 40.30 CODA Core™ energy storage system at the legendary Sunset Marquis Luxury Hotel in West Hollywood, California. Known as both a local institution and innovative business, the Sunset Marquis sees energy storage as a foundational key to managing their electricity costs and reaching their long term energy resilience and efficiency goals. read more

Keeping The Lights On…Even In The Dark

In Southern California at our Los Angeles manufacturing plant, we have been basking in a late summer heatwave. September has brought high temperatures to California’s drought and fire stricken state, causing energy use for cooling and ventilation to reach peak demand levels leading to temporary unexpected power outages. While the conditions are a stark contrast to a wet and windy Hurricane Sandy that knocked out power across the northeast in October 2012, the resulting outages demonstrate the fragility of our energy infrastructure in the face of extreme conditions. read more