What does it mean that the CODA Core™ is UL Listed?

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First of all what is UL?

UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories. UL is a global independent safety science company with proven objectivity. UL develops global standards that ensure product safety, performance and compliance and uses those standards to test products, systems and services.   Their mission is “working for a safer world since 1894,” and through their proven track record they have delivered peace of mind to consumers and businesses for 120 years.

Over 22 billion products worldwide have stickers and tags that say “UL Listed”. UL Listing provides a sense of security in any product and the UL logo is seen on products ranging from household appliances to power generating equipment, medical equipment, and household goods all of which are certified to be safe. Service companies such as utilities, insurers, and banks utilize the UL in their day to day operations and even alternative energy and advances in manufacturing are under the watchful eye of the UL.

In addition, governments have turned to UL for help in anti-counterfeiting issues and training for regulators and authorities worldwide on product standards, codes, and requirements, ensuring that all manufacturers have a fair chance in the market and consumers are protected. UL focuses on sustainability and works to educate the manufacturing community on sustaining the environment while developing their products.

So UL is THE authority in safety standards

What does it mean for the CODA Core™ Energy Storage System to be UL Listed?

The CODA Core is the first commercial energy storage system intended for behind-the-meter to receive UL Listing.

UL Listing means that the CODA Core Energy Storage system has been put through rigorous testing to ensure the safety, quality and reliability of our battery storage system. The tests conducted by UL validated the CODA Core’s “ability to safely withstand simulated abuse conditions” well beyond the limits of normal use.  For example, one element of the test included “soaking” an energized tower for 12 hours at 150 degrees Fahrenheit.  Another test involved dropping an energized battery module from a height of three meters.  The CODA Core continued to operate safely throughout these and other tests earning validation as a safe system from “the authority” in safety standards, UL.

In addition to undergoing extreme up front functional product testing and certification, CODA Energy continues to go through UL required factory inspections, audits and ongoing in-field management to ensure that our systems continue to meet UL safety standards.


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