Three reasons why CODA has pursued ISO certifications 9001 and 14001

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It’s uncommon to come across a company of our size that has pursued and attained an international standard like ISO certification. At CODA Energy, we are uniquely driven to invest  time and attention to ensure  our processes are best in class from the outset, and that our environment is carefully managed.

Below are three reasons why we have put in the energy and effort to pursue ISO. 

1. CODA Energy is in it for the long haul.

We could easily scrape together start-up processes for innovation and customer feedback and then scramble to correct and adjust when things go astray. That is not the CODA Energy way. With the support of our investors, including Fortress Investment Group, and an eye towards adapting to the changing needs of the energy market, longevity, performance and relevance are core to our business strategy and ISO Certification enables us to plan for the long haul.

ISO 9001:2008, criteria for a quality management system, upholds quality standards through leadership engagement, customer satisfaction, and both high-level and micro systems. It requires thoughtful development of management processes, continuous evidence of improvements, stakeholder relationship management and evidence-based decision making.

Intelligent monitoring and awareness of direct and secondary impacts on our air, water, and soil quality are essential for businesses contributing to resilient global communities. CODA Energy is no exception, and we show our dedication to working in harmony with our natural and local environment in part through ISO. ISO 14001:2004 sets out the criteria for an effective and active environmental management system, providing assurance that environmental impact is being measured and improved.

2.  Quality matters above all else.

Quality is created through an awareness of current states, a systems view of innovation and continuous improvement. For our products and services, ISO 9001ensures that this ongoing quality assessment is happening in every aspect of our product design and manufacturing.

At CODA Energy, we believe that quality is not truly attained if done so at the expense of the natural environment. ISO 14001hones our understanding of the environmental impacts of our business and how we measure progress towards minimizing impact to deliver true quality.

3. Everyone has a role.

Engagement and feedback are core to ISO 9001 – something that exceeds standard processes that are often put in place by siloed departments and are only managed and adjusted by a select few. ISO certification gives CODA Energy’s customers assurance that everyone from our leadership to our Installation Partners have been trained to our standards and are empowered to provide feedback and take steps to constantly improve our processes. Most important of all, the first Quality Management Principle in ISO 9001 focuses on opening up a two-way conversation with our customers. These conversations allow CODA Energy to have a more robust understanding of customer satisfaction and to better respond to changing needs around services and technology.


In combination with CODA’s 40kWh high-voltage system being the first commercial scale energy storage system specifically targeted for behind-the-meter use to pass UL 1973, CODA Energy defines a new era in standardization in the energy storage market, offering enhanced customer assurance around safety, quality and performance.